Our Founder


Founder's Statement

The men and women that work for and with Hedge globally are some of the most talented, ambitious, forward thinking, and genuinely caring individuals. I have chosen to open this letter with a discussion about Hedge people and partners around the world because on a day-to-day basis I find that it’s our people and their commitment to understanding the importance of sourcing for commodities from some of the most remote conners of the earth and delivering those to European and Chinese clients successfully weekly. It is these powerful commitments that enabled us to partners with mine operators in over 23 countries. It is our people and their everyday commitment towards improving our clients experience that make our organization unique.
We nurture every existing client and business partners and attract and welcome new ones to insure future prosperity. We are there every step of the way to help your organization source the most scarce natural resource and secure supply chain in some of the most challenging regions in the world. So for example, let’s say your organization is seeking a sustainable source of raw materials that it needs as an electric car manufacturer in Europe or in China. We will help secure the source and guarantee that those sources abide’s by internationally acceptable norms and values regarding mining.
We are truly looking forward to our continued work with you and the opportunity to demonstrate ourselves as a reliable partner. If you ever have any suggestions, comments, or concerns that aren’t addressed on our website, please always feel free to share your thoughts with us.
C. Oyokoro
On behalf of the management

Chairman's Profile

Based in Royal Kingdom of The Netherlands, the Chairman has coordinated foreign direct investment (FDI) with African embassies in The Hague and Brussels. The Chairman is driven by strong ethical values, focused in pursuit of goals and diligent as a consultant for the Embassies, namely on trade and investment promotion with particular reference to funding support for low and middle income housing projects in Nigeria and elsewhere in the African continent. Through the work he did, strong business cases were finalized over the years. These encouraged several Dutch and European institutions to sustainably invest in the African Housing sector. By estimation, the inflow of investment in this sector might have surpassed €250 million over the past five years. He also facilitated several high level interface meetings between African business communities and their European Counterparts that were equally resourceful. He co-founded a students association named African Link at Erasmus University/Rotterdam school of Management. He also championed initiatives on encouraging African countries to setup factor conditions in their countries and this enabled them to add value to the raw materials and precious minerals before exporting, as part of their poverty reduction/eradication strategy. The Chairman is married, with 2 children.